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How Your Technology Can Help Employees Work Safely, from Anywhere

How Your Technology Can Help Employees Work Safely, from Anywhere

With the pandemic stretching on for so long, there are a lot of workplaces figuring out ways to reopen and resume operations. Due to today’s technology providing the option for some, many managers and business owners have elected to keep the office shut down and shift to remote operations. Technology is also assisting those who are going back into the workplace. Let’s examine some of the technology that is being used to accomplish workplace processes, in all the different ways it can.

Remote Operations

Until the ongoing pandemic is resolved, keeping employees out of the office through remote operations is going to be the most prudent choice if at all possible. There has been positive news on the creation and deployment of a vaccine for COVID-19, but at this point, permitting remote work where possible is the way many businesses are rolling forward. 

To make the best of this unfortunate situation, your organization will want to consider what it will take to secure the dissemination of data and resources from centralized servers or from the cloud. More than that, your training strategy, because it is being done remotely will need to be altered. The use of video conferencing makes this situation easier, not easy, so be sure to work on your communications to avoid oversight.

Hybrid Operations

Some organizations have welcomed back their staff but offer a hybrid approach to work to help promote social distancing and to give stressed out workers some flexibility. It’s no secret that, especially in collaborative jobs, having face-to-face interaction with people can keep confusion to a minimum, but there are plenty of solutions out there designed for the collaborative workplace in mind. 

If your business is going to promote a hybrid method, be sure that you have a best practices health checklist and that you mark every box before you let people back in the office. This means additional cleaning, additional infrastructure to promote social distancing, and doing what you can to keep your staff healthy and productive as they commute to and from work. Many hybrid operations are still utilizing video conferencing tools in the workplace, a reality that seems pointless, but depending on your operation, may be the best way to forge ahead. 

Onsite Operations

It’s going to be some time before a lot of people are going to be confident about going to confined places for 8-to-10 hours a day. Sure, people have been working essential jobs for the entirety of the pandemic, but if a person can do their job from home, telling them they have to come to an office is going to be met with some serious doubt.

As far as the technology goes, it would be business-as-usual, but who knows when people are finally going to be comfortable with all of it. As cases continue to rear their heads, it’s going to be interesting to see how businesses navigate this unprecedented time. Will they continue to utilize technology to fill in the gaps or will there be a shift back when a vaccine is released and available? 

Only time will tell. 

If you would like more information about technology that can help your business get through the COVID-19 pandemic, reach out to us at (781) 715-1900 today.

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Wednesday, October 28 2020
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