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Mobile Device Management is an Effective and Powerful Solution for SMBs

Mobile Device Management is an Effective and Powerful Solution for SMBs

Mobility takes center stage for many businesses that want to improve productivity. This necessitates a Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool that can help organizations keep tabs on devices within their networks. Let’s discuss some of the biggest selling points of today’s Mobile Device Management tools.

Improvements to Security

MDM can make your mobile infrastructure more secure through policy reinforcement. Basically, it gives you the power to configure and enforce settings that can govern password complexity, encryption, data management, and potentially even mobile wiping for compromised devices. Through real-time monitoring and alerts, you can also detect potential security threats before they become too problematic.

Easier Configuration and Management

Through MDM platforms, you can configure and manage devices remotely, even if you don’t have physical access to them. You can set up email accounts, configure VPNs, manage wireless network settings, and make sure that all settings are appropriate for the device. Centrally managing all of these configurations gives your business the power to deploy updates and applications easily and efficiently.

Compliance with Regulations

Businesses need to maintain compliance with various regulations according to their respective industries, especially when data security and privacy are involved. Administrators need the ability to monitor and control access to important information, therefore MDMs make for excellent ways to do this.

Remote Help and Troubleshooting

With a comprehensive MDM solution, your IT department can use remote technology to provide support in a timely manner. This reduces the need for in-person support and keeps downtime to a minimum. Remote technology can let IT professionals view screens and even remote into systems to push configurations or diagnose issues that don’t require physical access to the device itself.

Ultimately, MDM gives your business unparalleled security, efficiency, and compliance for its mobile devices, and it’s a valuable tool that just makes sense for companies to implement. To learn more about how you can use an MDM to great effect, reach out to JS Business Solutions at (781) 715-1900.

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